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Still having issues? Contact Support HERE

  • How do I upgrade to the new app version?
    If you have auto updates turned on, your app will automatically update! If you don’t have auto updates enabled, simply head to the Foxtail Coffee Co. app in the app store (iOS or Android), and tap “update".
  • I forgot the email I used to log in. How do I recover it?
    Check your emails from, we sent an email on June 9th with a reminder of your login credentials. If you’re still experiencing issues, please submit a ticket here:
  • I forgot my password. How do I reset it?
    Tap “account” on the bottom of your app, then tap “forgot password” and enter the email associated with your account.
  • I don’t have an account, how would I make one?
    Download the Foxtail Coffee Co. app in the app store (iOS or Android). Once downloaded, tap “account” on the bottom of your app, then tap “create account”.
  • Can I check out as a guest, without making an account?
    Yes! Guest check out is now available on the app and web ordering. By checking out as a guest, you won’t receive loyalty points, but you can make an account at any time.
  • What is the benefit to creating an account?
    Glad you asked! There are so many benefits to creating an account, like: accruing loyalty points on each order, quick re-order of your favorite items, paying with gift cards, and a free drink on your birthday!
  • Can I still order if I don't update my app?
    Technically, yes. However, it's important to note that customers who continue to order on the old app will not accrue loyalty, nor will they be able to continue using features like Google Pay, Apple Pay, and Scan to Pay. It's best to update your app right away to ensure you're collecting your rewards and having the most ideal app experience.
  • Will my existing reward drinks, loyalty points and preload balance transfer over to the new app?
    Yes, your lifetime points, current points balance, earned drinks and pre-load balance will all transfer over to your new profile, once you update your app.
  • How do I earn points?
    You’ll accrue points with each dollar you spend! 1 dollar spent = 1 point earned. 100 points gets you a free beverage!
  • Can I use rewards for in store & app purchases?
    Yes, you can apply any reward to in store or app menu item purchases. For in store purchases, give the barista your phone number to lookup your account!
  • What if my rewards aren’t working properly?
    Head to, fill out the App Support Form and our team will help resolve the issue.
  • How do I get my birthday drink?
    Make sure you have your birthday saved to your profile. Your drink will automatically be sent to you on your birthday and will stay in your app’s wallet to use within 30 days. Don’t have your birthday added? Head to the Account tab and hit profile to enter it.
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