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Roasted locally in Orlando, Florida

Foxtail Coffee Co. was founded in 2016 in the heart of Winter Park, Florida. 

Foxtail quickly established a loyal following of coffee lovers who could not get enough of unique approach to craft coffee beverages. Commencing Foxtail's journey, which has taken them from humble beginnings to becoming a beloved fixture in the Orlando community and beyond. The company's commitment to quality, consistency, and craft is evident in every aspect of their operation.

Foxtail approaches producing coffee as a craft and serving coffee as a celebration. Their inviting and comfortable spaces feature rustic decor, cozy seating areas, and friendly staff. They believe that coffee should be purposeful, celebrated, and enjoyed, and have built a company that reflects that philosophy.

Foxtail's neighborhood spaces are the perfect place to relax, catch up with friends, or get some work done. Whether you are enjoying a cup of coffee in-house or taking a cup to go, the "Foxtail Experience" is something that coffee lovers cherish and look forward to each and every time they visit.

Foxtail Coffee Co. has come a long way since its humble beginnings, but its commitment to roasting great coffee and creating a welcoming environment for its guests remains unchanged. With cafés throughout Central Florida, Foxtail has become a household name for coffee lovers, and their passion for craft coffee is evident in every sip.



What drives us...



Ethically sourced beans

Central to Foxtails ethos is a dedication to ethical sourcing. Every bean tells a story, and it is of paramount importance that this narrative is one of respect, fairness, and sustainability. From the farms to the cup, the journey of each bean is monitored to ensure it aligns with Foxtails high standards of responsibility and ethical practices. This commitment not only elevates the quality of the coffee but also celebrates the hands that cultivated it. Foxtail Coffee firmly believes in crafting beverages that are both delightful and conscientious, crafting an experience that resonates with the values they hold dear.


Cultivators of Craft and Quality

At the very core of Foxtail Coffee's operation lie the hardworking farmers who nurture every bean to fruition. Recognizing the immense value and dedication they bring, Foxtail ensures they are celebrated and supported in every possible manner. Every cup served is a tribute to these diligent individuals and their tireless efforts in diverse fields and terrains. Through sustainable practices and strong partnerships, Foxtail has cultivated more than just coffee – they've fostered a community. 


Roasted locally in Orlando, Florida

That distinct aroma of freshly brewed coffee you sense? It's unmistakably Foxtail's, a fragrance deeply rooted in Central Florida. Whether you're a local or a traveler passing through, it's hard not to identify their unique touch. Their beans undergo a precise roasting process, revealing rich and diverse flavors. With unwavering dedication, Foxtail ensures that each cup is a testament to their commitment to quality, mirroring the very essence of the aroma that first caught your attention.


The Heartbeat of Every Brew

As Foxtail Coffee grew, the beans remained at the center of it all. They weren't just ingredients; they were the heartbeat of Foxtail. They became a symbol of the brand's dedication to quality, craft, and the art of coffee-making. The passion poured into selecting and roasting them is palpable in the rich, aromatic brews served in every Foxtail outlet.

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