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JESSI TOBIN: Barista Spotlight

Home Cafe: Hourglass Social House

This week's spotlight is on Jessi Tobin.

Standing in the center of this spotlight is the one-and-only Jessi Tobin, and, of the many accolades she's received, I hope this one makes her wall. Jessi's been with Foxtail since March of 2019 and has been bringing joy to our guests and coworkers ever since.

After working at Habitat for Humanity, Jessi knew she wanted to pursue a career as a creative professional, so she began striving for a degree, full-time, in graphic design at F.I.R.S.T. Institute, while also working full-time at Foxtail. Jessi finished valedictorian of her class and barely took a break when she finished. Immediately, she launched her LLC and has been doing incredible design work for many people. She has designed wonderful logos, as well as designed whole brands through Jessi Tobin Creative. We are excited to watch her grow and achieve all that she dreams of.

Jessi says she is inspired most by the friends in her life that wish for something more and have made strides in achieving that for themselves. Yet, Jessi is truly that for her friends and coworkers. She encourages those around her verbally and also by her rigorous work ethic and constant positivity. Working with Jessi is a joy whenever she is scheduled..

Favorite Musical: Les Misérables

Favorite Food: Tater Tots

Favorite Drink: Cappuccino with Oat Milk and Simple Syrup

Mortal Enemy: Lord Voldemort


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