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BRYANT NUNEZ: Barista Spotlight

Home Cafe: Downtown Eustis

This week's spotlight was on Bryant Nunez.

As we continue our ambition to commend the most prolific and invaluable members of our Foxtail team, we visit the recently opened Eustis location to talk to Bryant Nunez, the Team Lead for Eustis and the subject of this Barista Spotlight. Bryant Nunez has been with us since the opening of our Eustis store and has been a strong leader for his coworkers and the company.

He came to Foxtail after working various management positions in the service industry. Sometime after moving back to Florida from London, where he had been living for eight years, Bryant worked for 4Rivers where he met our current Chief Operating Officer John Hufferd. John eventually connected with Bryant before we opened our Eustis location and got him onboard for the grand opening. Bryant has a passion for hospitality—he cares about his customers' experience in store, as well as the work experience of his team. He believes in a polite and respectful coaching approach, and he takes pride in his personal growth as a manager and teacher.

Bryant is excited to progress with Foxtail, and we are excited to have him as a member of our team. He offers a unique blend of experience and expertise that helps lift the people around him. Passionate individuals like Bryant are what make our company amazing, and we hope that by giving him the spotlight we can show off all that he does for Foxtail Coffee.

Foxtail Beverage of Choice: Cortadito/Three Shots of Espresso over Ice with Oat Milk and Simple Syrup

Favorite Genre of Music: Country with Artists like Luke Combs and Garth Brooks

One Thing He Would Bring if Stuck on a Deserted Island: Pocket Knife


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