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Alice Roberts : Barista Spotlight

Home Cafe: SoDo North

This week's spotlight is on Alice Roberts

Meet Alice Roberts, one of our newest members to join the Foxtail family. Just like her namesake, she tumbled down the rabbit hole and found herself embracing the world of coffee! Alice has been an avid tea drinker for the past seven years. Over the years, Alice has experimented with many different brew methods for tea, particularly enjoying using a french press to brew loose-leaf tea, allowing the tea leaves to have more room to open and steep. Alice would love to share her knowledge and her passion for tea and introduce you to our selection next time you visit Foxtail.

Alice became part of the Foxtail family during the pandemic. In her search for a new job it was important that she find a place where she would be happy and look forward to working every day. Alice was able to find that passion in making drinks for the community. Foxtail’s policy of including and embracing the individuality of their employees was a big draw for Alice and she especially loves that she can enjoy her pink hair and express herself through her apron pins.

Alice was initially intimidated by the espresso machine but she is a quick study! You can now find Alice quickly and effortlessly making any of our espresso drinks at our SoDo North location. Her personal preference is a matcha oat milk latte with lavender, and she is ready to make you your favorite preference too.

In her spare time, Alice enjoys being at home with her partner and their four animals, a rabbit, Evelyn; a cat, Princess; a dog, Loki; and a leopard dragon lizard; Poe. Alice enjoys playing video games and making electronic music on her laptop. However, she cannot wait for it to be safe to go out again and resume her Tuesday Drag Queen nights.


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