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Team Spotlight: Meet Jennifer "Jen" Herrera-Matias

Home Cafe: Altamonte Springs

Jen began her journey with Foxtail Coffee in May of 2020. She was hired to work with Bagel Bruno who is partnered with Foxtail. While working back-of-house, she grew more interested in the coffee aspect. It started with wanting to learn how to make her daily cup of coffee and learn how to make all of the drinks. Knowing both coffee and food, she made an excellent addition as a shift lead! Jen goes out of her way for customers and her coworkers alike. She loves helping every customer find the perfect cup of coffee to get them through the day. During the season, Jen loves to promote her favorite drink, a Café Con Leche with pumpkin spice.

Speaking of the fall season, Jen loves everything on Halloween. Some of her favorite Halloween movies to watch are the Addams Family and A Nightmare Before Christmas. She also loves Disney. When asked what Disney character is her favorite, she said she loves them all that she couldn’t choose just one. She does have a collection of over 20 Disney LoungeFly bags that she rotates out and keeps her coworkers on their toes on what bag she will bring to work next. They love to see what new bag she brings in next. She also loves anime. Her favorite is Hunter x Hunter. She uses a Cricut to create different types of designs and artwork with her love of all these things. She made a sticker for her name tag and iron-on vinyl using her Cricut for her apron. Just one way to show her originality amongst the team.

While at Foxtail, Jen is finishing up her last semester of college on an A.S. in Pastry Management. She hopes to work for Disney one day creating all the fantastic pastries. Her coworkers always treat her when she brings in the pastries she has created for a class. In her spare time, Jen enjoys spending time with her family and friends.

Jen has been a wonderful addition to the Foxtail Coffee family!

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