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MELODY MORAGUEZ: Barista Spotlight

Home Cafe: SoDo Drive-Thru

This week's spotlight is on Melody Moraguez.

This week, we are celebrating the hard work and great attitude of Melody Moraguez, who is a shift lead for our new SoDo location. Melody started her journey in coffee between work as a radiologist and pursuing her college career. We are ecstatic about Melody and the positivity she expresses as we the open of our new store.

Melody wants to one day be a surgical technologist, which is the surgeon’s right hand and the person in charge of keeping the tools sterile. Ever since she was young, Melody was instilled with a passion for medicine. "My cousin - she's an ER RN, so she would always show me the craziest stuff," she said, referring to visceral images of a surgery room. When asked if she was okay with the gore, she enthusiastically replied, "I Love It!" and laughed off the morbidity. Melody simply has a passion for the medical world. "I just love learning things about the body. I'm a very holistic person, but when it comes to exploring the body and finding out what's wrong and fixing it, that just amazes me," she said. She hopes to one day to continue her schooling and later work in the ER like her cousin.

Melody brings the high energy of the medical world to Foxtail as a shift lead at the new SoDo location. While it's true she's new to coffee, she brings a passion for people which rivals the best in hospitality. "I love learning about coffee. Coffee is what makes people go," she said, observing the patterns of customers coming in to meet with friends or to start their days. "For some people, I'm the first person they see in the morning, and think, "Here I'll make your day better!" Melody's favorite drink is the chai (she makes an iced chai with pumpkin and cinnamon) but she enjoys making a French press for her customers. "I just think it’s so fun . When I was a kid, my sister also had a French Press, and I would always watch her use it, and, now that I'm able to do, it I'm like, "Oh I wanna do it, let me do it!” For coffee beans, she suggests the Yirgacheffe, Ethiopia, our light roast with notes of cherry and chocolate.

Family is what Melody says she is most passionate about. Recently, Melody lost her grandfather to Alzheimer's, and, although it was tough, she appreciated how it brought her family together. Now her family works to improve awareness about Alzheimer's and helps fundraise for treatments with the American Alzheimer's Association. She takes every opportunity now to cherish the time with the family she has, and she believes that family unity comes from fighting for similar causes.

We've taken the time to show appreciation for Melody, because it's employees like her that make a difference in the lives of her coworkers and customers alike. She seeks the best in the smallest of interactions she has with everyone she meets, and that is an admirable trait in anyone. We, in turn, believe it is important to recognize employees like Melody as a way to say thank you for all they have given to us.

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