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MANNY ATANACIO: Barista Spotlight

Warehouse Team

This week's spotlight is on Manny Atanacio.

On our campaign to bring attention to some of Foxtail Coffee Company's best and brightest, we intercepted Manny Atanacio while he was delivering supplies from the Foxtail warehouse to our Hourglass location and stopped him briefly for an interview. Manny has been with us for a little over two years and has become instrumental in maintaining stock at all of our stores, and has earned this well-deserved acknowledgment.

After leaving his job at Nike, Manny was brought onboard then by our newly-promoted Warehouse Manager, Dalton Rivas, as his first hire. For some time, Manny would split the load of production and delivery with fellow warehouse associates but, eventually, his job was solely designated to delivery. In the morning, Manny looks at the invoices sent in by each of the stores expecting deliveries for the day, pulls the needed stock, and loads it up on the company van before delivering it to respective stores. Those receiving warehouse orders from Manny, know that does his due diligence by going over the order sheets and consistently giving detailed information on what is or isn't in stock, why it's out, and when things will come in. Communication with our stores is essential, as it allows us to be better prepared for when challenges happen. Manny is the conduit for that information, as well as the physical transport of its contents.

When not at work, Manny spends a lot of time outdoors. He's been skateboarding seriously since he graduated high school and likes to go to the park or ride his bike. He hopes to rent a warehouse with a couple of friends so that he can put in a few ramps and also have space for working on music or whatever creative ventures they want to pursue. When asked Manny who his favorite artist is currently, Manny wanted to plug his friend, Christopher, who does graphic design and fine art paintings. A link to his website is listed below.

Manny is a phenomenal worker. His diligence and his strong work ethic, help to make Foxtail the best that it can be. He consistently goes above and beyond to make sure that all of our jobs are easier. Having someone like Manny is paramount in the smooth functioning of this company, and we are especially grateful for the time he's given into making it happen.

Manny's Favorite Food: Two Eggs Over Easy and Avocado Toast

Manny's Coffee of Choice: Two Shots of Espresso with Oat Milk, Honey, Turmeric, and Cinnamon

Manny Someday Wants: To Own a Dog


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