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Elijah Doss : Barista Spotlight

Home Cafe: AdventHealth Partin-Settlement

This week's spotlight is on Elijah Doss

Today we wish to acknowledge Elijah Doss who is the Team Lead at the Foxtail Coffee inside of the AdventHealth Health Park in Kissimmee. Elijah has lived in many places all over the south, but was born in Atlanta, Georgia. Growing up, his parents were greatly affected by the recession in the early 2000’s, which caused his family to have to move quite frequently, living in Atlanta, Dallas, Memphis, and, eventually, Pensacola, which is where he fell in love with photography

Elijah had a few friends in Pensacola that he would go with and just start taking pictures around the small town they were living in. He didn’t really understand, at the time, how much that would influence his future, but he immediately realized that he was in love with it. When one of those friends moved to Orlando, he gathered his belongings he also moved to Orlando. When he first arrived, he was only 20 and felt lost in terms of the community and not knowing many people. This led him to begin exploring different coffee shops and cafes, which gave him a safe space to relax and study. Foxtail was one of the first shops that he visited. Elijah fell in love with the atmosphere and says that everyone was incredibly welcoming. So, even with having little coffee experience, he decided to apply for a position with us.

Through getting a position at Foxtail, Elijah learned a lot about coffee culture and felt immersed in the art of it all. He had always loved coffee but never realized just how much he did until he began with Foxtail. He attributes finding his sense of community and belonging since moving to Orlando. He has been lucky enough to get to help out with local community projects and has even ended up meeting the majority of his closest friends and even his girlfriend in Orlando through working for Foxtail.

Through the pandemic, Elijah has fully committed himself to learning more about Photography and mastering his craft. After just about a year since beginning in photography, he has worked on some incredible projects and worked with multiple different artists. His goal is to work on a project within the coming year dedicated to pulling together the community of Orlando and he could not be more excited to continue working towards his goals, within Foxtail and above

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