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The story so far...

Foxtail Coffee Co. was founded by Alex Tchekmeian and Iain Yeakle, two lifelong friends who met years ago in South Florida while in the same kindergarten class. Their close friendship over the years led to a great opportunity in 2016 to combine their varied business and coffee experience and create Foxtail Coffee Co., a neighborhood café.


Their initial vision for Foxtail began to take shape when the State Auto Body building, which stood in Winter Park for over 70 years, closed its doors. Shortly after, in this same warehouse, Alex and Iain opened their first café and roasting facility and began roasting coffee on-site, kegging cold brew, and supplying wholesale coffee to local restaurants. It wasn’t long after opening their doors that the line of guests started to flow out the door and then around the building. Foxtail quickly established a following of coffee lovers and now has cafés throughout Central Florida that serve its fresh, roasted coffee.

Alex and Iain launched Foxtail on simple and basic principles - to roast great coffee that guests can enjoy in an inviting and comfortable environment. Believing coffee should be purposeful, celebrated, and enjoyed, they built a company that approaches producing coffee as a craft and serving coffee as a celebration.

Whether you are spending time in one of Foxtail’s neighborhood spaces, taking a cup to go, or are bringing home a bag of beans, Alex and Iain hope you share their passion for craft coffee and that you enjoy the “Foxtail Experience”, each and every time you visit.


"It’s the way coffee should be."

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